• Triangle shaped Etude eyebrow pencil allows a delicate drawing.
  • Moisture with vitamin E softens the eyebrows.
  • Great temperature resistance and good hardness maintain a natural color.
  • No thick expressions for one apply.
  • Use several times to make it natural.


Etude House Drawing Eyebrow

You always wanted to have great eyebrows?  This Etude House Drawing Eyebrow not only makes your eyebrow look denser, but also more natural. It easily fills between eyebrow hairs. The fine tip slightly deposits pigments, imitating the hair of the eyebrows for a natural look.


Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Brown

Etude house drawing eyebrow brown is a great product as its reviews are also good. It is available in various colors from different online beauty stores. Whether you sweat at 30 degrees during the day or celebrate at night – it lasts the whole day or the whole night and does not discolor. It is Ideal to beautify the frame for your face.

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Review

Etude house drawing eyebrow has a soft expression allows easy and quick application. It is an eyebrow pencil with a small brush, for naturally structured eyebrows. The highly flexible color can make ultra-defined eyebrows or something more natural portable every day.

The soft texture of the etude house eyebrow pencil allows you to easily trace the line of your eyebrows. Etude house drawing eyebrow fill small holes and give intensity to the eye. 

How to use it:

For a natural look, apply the pencil in small steps following the natural line of your eyebrows. Then brush your eyebrows with the included small brush, from the inner corner to the outer corner, to fade the pencil and set up your eyebrows. Good texture, neither too oily nor too dry Fill in small holes while making a very natural effect Easily fades thanks to the integrated small bottle brush Excellent hold The brush very practical and solid.

The Great thing which I love is that it Maintain a long-lasting line without staining all day as Its Color seems natural just like your real eyebrows. It is also from one of the best eye care or makeup products also available from beautyhealthproduct.com