Fullips lip plumping enhancer is a surprising new product designed to give you fuller, healthier – looking lips without injections or chemicals.

Designed and manufactured in the US.

Boosters come in 3 different sizes / shapes to accommodate the diverse needs of customers. (Oval round, medium, large and small oval).

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Fullips lip plumping enhancer

It is one of the best lip plumper tools in store for fuller, healthier-looking lips without injections or chemicals. It is pretty small to carry in your makeup bag or take off on a night out.
Fullips lip plumping enhancer is from the best lip plumping products designed and made in the U.S. boosters come in 3 different sizes / shapes to accommodate the diverse needs of customers.(Large round, middle oval, and small oval).

Best lip enhancer products review

This fullips lip plumping enhancer  is used for a full fullness of the mouth. Due to its size and shape it covers the lips of the lid and the bottom at the same time.

This would be the best choice for a person who has a larger mouth area and / or fuller lips in general. This Fullips lip plumping enhancer may offer some benefit to plumping up small lip lines around the mouth area for some people.

How To Use Fullips lip plumping enhancer

Step 1: Clean the fullips lips enhancer booster with mild soap and water

Step 2: We recommend slightly exfoliating the lips and the surrounding areas first, with a soft washcloth or a soft toothbrush, to help achieve more complete results. Then, moisten the area around your mouth with water. This moisture is not necessary, but can help to establish a tighter suction that is the key to a good result

Step 3: Place your fullips lip plumping enhancer booster over your mouth and lip area, hold in place, and start sucking short air puffs out of booster. Continue until the solid suction is established and the booster is firmly around the mouth. (You may have to move it around a little to get it in position to establish a tighter suction)

Step 4: Let the lips relax on the booster. You should feel a gentle traction. The amount of time to leave fullips enhancer on will vary for the individual, but begins in 15-30 second increments. Use your finger to help break the suction

Repeat these steps until you get the desired fullness as you wished

Step 5: After all this Apply your precious lip cosmetics as usual

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